The rules of internal regulations

of the Hotel of the "Olympic centre "Ventspils""

1. General provisions
1.1. These provisions define the rights, responsibilities and standards of conduct of the Hotel administration, hereinafter referred to as - the Renter, the Hotel clients, hereinafter referred to as - Tenants, as well as those of the visitors, during their stay at the Hotel of the "Olympic centre "Ventspils"", address: 33 Lielais Avenue, hereinafter referred to as the "Hotel".
1.2. The premises are transferred for use to each Tenant personally through the conclusion of the Rental contract of the Hotel premises (hereinafter referred to as - the Rental contract) with the Renter. The rental contract of the Hotel is the sole substantiation of the rent of the Hotel premises.
1.3. These provisions, which are an integral part of the Rental contract, define the responsibility for the non-observance of these provisions, as well as the standards of conduct during the stay at the Hotel surroundings.
1.4. The Tenant's guests, who have arrived to the Hotel, are met by the Tenant in person. A guest must show a personal identification document to the man on duty and receive a visitor's card; whereas, upon leaving the Hotel, the visitor's card must be returned to the man on duty.
1.5. The Tenant's guest may only stay in the Hotel from 9.00 AM till 11.00 PM; each Tenant bears personal responsibility for the actions of his guest.
1.6. The Tenant ensures the observation of the Hotel rules of internal regulations by his guests. The Tenant bears responsibility for the losses, which are incurred to the Renter and/or to a third party through the fault of the guests.
1.7. The Tenant bears individual responsibility for preservation of property in the rented premises.

2. The Tenant has the rights:
2.1. To use the residential unit, equipment and premises of shared usage, which have been transferred for use, for the goals envisaged therefor.
2.2. To use the Hotel's inventory issued by the Hotel's administration against signature.
2.3. To use other services provided by the Hotel.
2.4. To resolve the disputes through negotiations with the Hotel manager. The issues are reviewed within one month from the day an application is received
2.5. To inform the Hotel manager in person about the stated property faults or deficiencies in the Hotel's activity, as well as to submit proposals for the improvement of the Hotel's work.

3. The responsibilities of the Tenant are:
3.1. To free the residential unit till 12.00 PM on the day the Rental contract expires, and to transfer the abovementioned residential unit (including the inventory) in the exploitable condition; to compile a handover-acceptance act with the Hotel manager; to hand over the keys from the room to the Hotel manager.
3.2. To preserve the Hotel property. The person guilty of losses bears full responsibility, in accordance with the order defined by this paragraph.  In case the inventory or other Renter's property is damaged or lost, the Hotel's administration compiles an act, which is also binding for the Parties in case the Tenant refuses to sign it.
3.3. To show the entrance card to the Hotel administrator upon entering the Hotel. To introduce himself following the administrator's request and to present the documents, which prove the identities of the Tenant and the tenant's guest; also, to show the contents of belongings at hand to the administrator, following the substantiated request.
3.4. Not to allow the presence of unauthorized persons in the rented premises, when the Tenant is not present. Not to transfer entrance keys for the rented premises to the third parties.
3.5. Not to carry on any kind of activities, which creates noise and exceeds the limiting value of acoustic noise or environmental noise allowed by normative acts for the corresponding time of the day, from 11.00 PM till 6.00 AM, including: Not to play musical instruments, audio recordings, not to listen to radio or other devices, if this can disturb or encumber other Tenants, and if the sound is heard outside the rented premises. During the rest of the day, the noise caused by the tenant must not disturb other Tenants and the Hotel employees.
3.6. It is forbidden to do the following in the Hotel residential units, as well as in the Hotel premises of shared usage:
3.6.1. To drink alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances;
3.6.2. To smoke.
3.7. To observe the generally accepted cleanness and order norms. To observe the order within the Hotel surroundings, as well as the references placed therein; not to place a car opposite to the main entrance to the Hotel. Not to litter the premises. To deliver garbage once per day to the garbage containers or garbage chutes, which are placed in the yard specifically for this purpose. It is categorically forbidden to place garbage bags or to empty them in kitchens, toilets, washing-rooms and in other premises of shared usage. The Tenant must perform a cleaning (washing) of the rented premises without assistance and on a regular basis.
3.8. Not to make improvements or supplements in the installations, the rented premises and the premises of shared usage without the Renter's consent. It is allowed to change the residential room, the inventory and the room (apartment) keys only having agreed thereupon with the Hotel manager.
3.9. Not to use electrical heaters and devices that fail to conform to the electrical safety and fire safety regulations. Other low power electrical devices can be used, only having agreed thereupon with the Hotel manager. The Hotel administrator registers the devices, which belong to the Tenants, and which consume electrical energy, in the special register, with the signature of the owner of electrical devices. The electrical and electronic devices must have a mark on electrical safety and fire safety.
3.10. Not to put objects on outer window-sills
3.11. Not to bring animals to the Hotel and not to keep them therein.
3.12. Not to keep one's personal belongings outside one's rented premises.
3.13. Not to carry out the inventory and other values of the Hotel from one's room.
3.14. To let the Hotel employees, security service employees and household service employees into the rented premises, in order to repair the inventory, plumbing fixtures and other equipment, verify their technical condition, as well as to control the fulfillment of these provisions, duly agreeing upon the verification date and time with the Tenant.
3.15. To inform the Hotel personnel about observed violations of these provisions, including illegal usage of premises, damage to the Renter's property, as well as other illegal acts at the Hotel, and to notify this in person.
3.16. To observe the liabilities of the Rental contract, which are agreed upon between the parties, but which are not included in these provisions.
3.17. To pay for extra services in accordance with the rates approved by the Hotel.
3.18. The Tenant ensures that the doors of the room and apartment block are always closed. The Tenants bear full responsibility for the correct operation of the premises of shared use in the apartment, and for damage incurred thereto.

4. The rights and responsibilities of the Renter
4.1. To hand the residential unit to the Tenant in good condition, by individually compiling and signing the handover-acceptance act.
4.2. Not to disturb the Tenant in his usage of the rented premises, auxiliary premises, equipment, machinery and surroundings.
4.3. To carry out general and prophylactic inspections and maintenance of the Hotel building, to repair the building in due time, to follow the quality of repair works and to inform the Tenants about the time required for repair works.
4.4. To perform inspection of the premises, to verify the technical condition and functioning of the equipment and machinery.
4.5. To provide the Tenants with instructions on how to ensure the fulfillment of sanitary-technical and sanitary-hygienic requirements.
4.6. The Hotel employees have the right to go to the rented premises within a group of two people (one man, in case of an accident) without the Tenant's presence, in order to verify the condition of the premises (eliminate the accident). Following the verification of the condition of the premises or the accident elimination, the reason for verification must be notified to the Tenant, as well as what has been stated during the verification and/or for the accident elimination.
4.7. To unilaterally terminate the Hotel Rental contract, in case the Tenant fails to fulfill the requirements of these provisions or the liabilities of the Hotel Rental contract.
4.8. To move the Tenant to another residential unit, in case the tenant does not wish to make an additional payment for the decreased number of persons residing in a room.
4.9. To place the actual version of the Hotel rules of internal regulations in the Hotel premises, which are freely accessible to all the Tenants, guests of the Tenants, as well as to the Hotel employees.
4.10. To answer to the Tenants' questions regarding the deficiencies in the activities of the Hotel within 5 working days.